gerongay shipyard welder
published: 15 Nov 2009
author: MyG12345678
The Dimension NT 450 w/ ArcReach System Stands Up to Shipbuilding Welding Challenges
Ingalls Shipbuilding discusses the benefits of the Dimension 450 NT w/ WCC from Miller and...
published: 19 Jun 2012
Vigor Industrial - The Future of Shipbuilding TODAY
Vigor Industrial is a leader in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry with seven facil...
published: 10 Apr 2013
Welder Shipbuilding
Welder Shipbuilding....
published: 26 Feb 2013
author: BWBChannel4
Mobile shipyard welding robot
Inrotech is supplying intelligent mobile arc welding robot for shipyards and other heavy i...
published: 29 Oct 2010
Shipyard welder 1
This video was uploaded....
published: 18 Dec 2009
author: pwlder
Olga Baker Armand Griffith World War II Shipyard Welder
During World War II, Olga Baker Armand Griffith, was one of many women welders that took t...
published: 18 Nov 2013
Shipyard weld testing
This video was uploaded from an Android phone....
published: 09 Aug 2012
Bollinger Shipyards and Advanced Pulsed MIG Welding on Aluminum
Bollinger Shipyards reduces distortion, improves productivity and simplifies aluminum weld...
published: 24 May 2011
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Shipyard Welder lunch delivery
published: 04 Nov 2013
6G welder fresh graduate going to Singapore shipyard
Herbert Y. Terrana and Earl Joseph Sucgang....
published: 29 Apr 2011
banggiitang trainee sa japan.....I.S. welder,oshima shipyard.
published: 14 Sep 2013
Miller's XMT WCC Improves Productivity in Shipyard Welding
Miller's new XMT WCC welding system allows welders to control voltage settings at the poin...
published: 25 Oct 2010
Welders , Carpenter posts at Hindustan Shipyard Limited Jobs 2014
http://www.9to5employment.com Welders in SMAW, Turner, Fitter (incl. Structural Fitters)...
published: 12 Apr 2014
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Discovery Channel Extreme engineering:Pema welding automation at shipyard
World's largest and greatest ships are manufactured using Pema welding automation solution...
published: 03 Aug 2012
co2 fcaw welding (shipyard)
co2 fcaw welding (shipyard)...
published: 06 Apr 2008
author: james john
Shipyard automation - robot welding and cutting systems
Our robotics for shipyard automation: http://www.kranendonk.com/en/branches/shipbuilding K...
published: 14 Feb 2012
author: KranendonkBV
Voices from the Shipyard- Antonio Riddle
Meet Antonio Riddle, a pipe welder at Austal USA. In this interview Antonio discusses what...
published: 12 Aug 2013